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Protable Walking Stick

৳ 950.00

Product details of Protable Walking Stick

  • High load bearing
  • Pleasing aesthetics
  • Utmost comfortable
  • Light-Weight
  • Durable
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The Protable Walking Stick was designed for people who require either walking or resting assistance. Perfect for individuals who suffer from arthritis, hip or leg surgery, fibromyalgia, back injury or any other physical disability that makes walking for an extended period difficult.

Protable Walking Stick available allows you to rest when needed or can be used as a walking cane. Lightweight aluminum has a cushioned grip handle, vinyl 7 1/2″ square seat, 3 rubber-tipped legs. Weighs only 28 ounces, supports up to 250 pounds! Folds to 25″ high.

Perfect for everyday walking or sitting!

Suitable for people 5’2″ (157 cm) to 6’2″ (188 cm) tall.

Handy Seat Walking Cane Specifications:

d2753665ae6cbb837276fd0312c47bb9 Material Content: polypropylene seat and handle, aluminum legs.
d2753665ae6cbb837276fd0312c47bb9 Weight: 28 ounces.
d2753665ae6cbb837276fd0312c47bb9 Weight Capacity: 250 lbs
d2753665ae6cbb837276fd0312c47bb9 Measurements: Folded: 9″ x 2″ x 34″. Unfolded: 9″ x 8″ x 22″.
d2753665ae6cbb837276fd0312c47bb9 Cane Length: 34″ tall.


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