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Best home nursing service in Khulna, Bangladesh.

Khulna Nursing Home Care is a home nursing service in Khulna, Bangladesh. Khulna Nursing Home Care offers home nursing services to the people who are suffering from various kinds of diseases like diabetes, asthma, heart diseases, high blood pressure, arthritis and many more. Khulna Nursing Home Care also provides home nursing services to the elderly people. Khulna Nursing Home Care has been providing home nursing services for the past 5 years and has had a great reputation in the community.

We provide best Home Nursing Care Khulna .We have very experienced workers to provide you a good service.

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Our values

Our commitment associated with the quality of life we promised to provide our clients. We value- our team pledge to render service to all with compassion and commitment. We maintain the highest level of ethical and professional standard while providing nursing home service. We believe in exercising honesty, integrity and faith.

Privacy policy

As a home care agency we provide nurse service in Dhaka. Any personal information of our clients are confidential to us. Besides all of our nurses are registered and trustworthy.

Great support

Under the supervision of our expert nurse our client can get professional nurse service in Dhaka. We have trained our specialized to ensure more specialized care for anyone who need support.

2 years of experience

Khulna Nursing Home Service is providing nursing home service for 2 years in Bangladesh. We have come all these way with no record of dissatisfaction. So if you want nursing services at home, contact with us without any hesitation.

Our facility

Khulna Nursing Home Care provides nursing home service in Bangladesh. So the facilities we’re currently providing are- We help the client doing daily activities such as- dressing, bathing and more. Monitoring the medication of the client. Ensuring 24 hours of emergency service. We provide short or long term nursing care for any type of illness, disability and weakness.

Our Professional team

Khulna Nursing Home Care ensures skilled nursing facilities at home. We have professional team who are dedicated in their chores with honesty and altruism. Our skilled nurses believe in human dignity and care. As a home care agency we serve the best nursing services at home.